Being That Sort of Asian Girl

Being That Sort of Asian Girl / Savvy & Rachel

If I had a bucket for every time someone called me half-American, I could collect enough water to drown a baby elephant.

Novella: Only If You Want by Rachel Noëlle

Ry is all set to go to grad school in the fall. And her new friend Nick will do whatever it takes to keep her from going.


Churches and the LGBTQ+ Community

Let’s take a closer look at the Conservative Church. Are they just afraid of gay people? Or is there a deeper reason for contention?

My Week of Seoul Searching / Travel Blog

As I stumble through hello (annyeong haseyo) and thank you (gomabseubnida), I realize something: this is the first time I’ve visited a country where, no matter what I do or what I say, I’m viewed as a foreigner.

How I Know God’s Purpose For My Life (And Yours Too)

Many of today’s spiritual growth books focus on pursuing God’s purpose for your life. But as a Christian, I believe we’re exempt from this mind boggling quest to ‘find our purpose.’ Because the truth is, God has already revealed His purpose for my life. And it’s the same as yours.