There are two important things I need to share with you.

The first is that there was another proposal at Palate Coffee Brewery. The second is that we’ve got our Valentine’s Day drink specials in.

I don’t know which thing I’m more excited about.

No, we already told you about Yahia & Bréanne. (Which, by the way, if you haven’t read their story yet, you’re missing out.) I’m talking about a new couple that goes by the name of Joshua and Katie. Let’s get a glimpse into their story:

How did you two meet?

We met at church but we became good friends when we went on a mission trip to Haiti.

What were your first impressions of each other?

Joshua: Katie was a very genuine nice person who loved Jesus, always had a good attitude and she was great with kids!

Katie: That he was kind, shy, and on-fire for God

So Josh, why did you choose Palate for the proposal?

I chose Palate because I wanted a place that was super special, and could make a lot of memories. Palate was the perfect choice because they let me use their stage and their equipment so I could perform a song that I had written for Katie! I love what Palate is doing and what it stands for. It also helps that it is gorgeous on the inside!

So Katie, what was going through your head during the proposal??

“Why is Josh here? He said he was working today…”

“Is he about to propose?”

“Yay! He’s proposing!” *Initiate happy tears*

What is your favorite drink at Palate?

Katie: Mocha frappé!

Joshua: I actually do not like coffee, but I do enjoy going with Katie to coffeeshops. So hot chocolate and water is my go-to drink!

(That’s okay, Josh. We don’t judge you for not liking coffee. Not at all. Not even a little bit. Let me just ask you: HOW?)

Now that your proposal happened at Palate, how often will you guys come visit?

Joshua: We go as often as we can.

Congratulations, Joshua and Katie! May you have a blessed marriage.

Katie and Josh Proposal2.JPG

Okay, now let me tell you about our Valentine’s Day drink specials.

Take your typical latté. Hot or iced. Except, spice it up with these flavor combos:

Chocolate-covered cherry mocha

Chocolate-covered strawberry mocha

White chocolate raspberry mocha

White chocolate strawberry mocha

Iced Latte.jpg

Hmmm…yes please.

And of course, what would a seasonal special be without its staple, themed frappé:

Valentine’s Strawberry Frappé
Valentine’s Strawberry Frappé

From everyone here at Palate Coffee Brewery, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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