What does Florida not have enough of?

Yes, you got it. Ice cream shops. But Palate Coffee Brewery’s newest establishment is serving up more than your average rocky road. In true Palate fashion, we got a few surprises up our coffee-stained sleeve.

Bubble Waffles

Everybody’s talking about it—by everybody I mean Instagram. #bubblewaffles has taken the foodie-sphere by storm. Picture bubble wrap except in waffle cone form. Palate Bubs & Ice Cream will serve scoops in freshly made bubble waffles. Not only is it delicious but, take a picture, and you got yourself 10K+ Insta followers. Guaranteed.

The Flavors

Guava Cheesecake! Butterscotch Bomb! And, of course, COFFEE! Personally, I’m saving room for a scoop of Garbage Can: vanilla ice cream with chunks of brand-name candy bars. Yes, please.

But there’s more. Twenty more flavors to be exact. And all of them come from a South Florida business that has specialized in homemade, artisan ice cream for over thirty years. Coconut-based ice cream will also be available depending on demand as well as a sugar-free option. Goes to show, there’s something for everyone at Palate.

Job Training

This is the best part. The ice cream shop includes a kitchen in the back which will be used for job training. Human trafficking survivors and those within the foster care system will learn kitchen skills from professional chefs and bakers. This is especially important as people coming from these difficult backgrounds often struggle to transition into the working world. Giving them the opportunity to this kind of training from professionals will be life-changing.

“It’s one thing to place trafficking victims in a safehouse. But then they have to go out into the world and get a job. We want to be there for them in the in-between period. We want to equip them with life skills,” says Katrina Lemmon, Palate co-owner and co-founder.

Palate Bubs will also partner with other businesses at their new life center (more on that later) where they will provide art therapy, yoga therapy, and business training for survivors. Business training is a particular specialty of the Kadolph and Lemmon family. They recently went through a training in which they learned how to teach trafficking survivors how to start their own business. That being said, if you’ve mastered a specific job trade that you can teach others, hit us up. Of course, we’re always looking for volunteers for Palate Coffee Brewery. As for Palate Bubs, it will run like a regular business (not volunteer-run) so that the back of the kitchen can be donated to job-training. So without further ado, get excited for our highly anticipated…drum roll please…Palate Bubs & Ice Cream. Coming to palates near you.

Photo Credit: Benevolence Photography

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