Guys, it’s happened. Mattel has released a barista ken doll. And we’re Thrilled with a capital T.

The first reason is because the official title of the doll is “Careers Ken Barista.” Notice it says “Careers.” That means Mattel (aka society) now sees barista-hood as a proper career!

No more jabs about baristas being aimless millennials. No more eye-rolling when we brag on our latté art. No more assumptions that we sleep on mattresses behind the coffee bar. (Although, if that’s a possibility, please let me know.)

It is the end of an anti-barista era. Because now, we can hold up our CAREERS Ken Barista doll as proof that we baristas are at the peak of maturity.

The second reason is because barista Ken kind of, sort of, looks like…cough, cough…our coffeeshop manager Alejandro. Consider the top-knot and confident posture.

So we asked the dead ringer himself on his thoughts about this Mattel movement:

Me: How did you feel when you saw the barista Ken doll?

Read the rest at

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